A denim garment is a basic on everyone’s closet: it has risen to be a fashion icon, known for everyone and everywhere. 

As Yves Saint Laurent once said: “Denim has expression, modesty, simplicity and it’s what everyone hopes to have”.  The variety, views and styles that can have makes it the perfect item to wear, because it comes in all types of shapes, colours and forms, from jeans to jackets, shirts or skirts.

In kid’s fashion, denim is a ready-to-wear item, which makes it perfect because of the comfort and the easy combinations you can do, weather it's summer or winter. 

In the SS21 collections at Little-Tag there are all types of garments made in denim with brands like My Little Cozmo, Bellerose and Búho; and of course Finger in the Nose, that this season has gone beyond and has created a Denim Collection. 

You can see the tag #DENIM/JEANS on little-tag.com