This week, we're happy to ask our 5 questions to Clara Dayet, Kid's Fashion Stylist & Set Designer, about Swedish kid's wear brands, her long collaboration with MiLK MAGAZINE and her favorite trends of the season. Enjoy the reading ! 

1. Hello Clara, can you briefly present yourself ? 

I’m a french stylist and set designer living in Sweden, I'm specialized in kids fashion and I am passionate about working with fashion in general. I like to create bold palettes and playful poetry.

2. Can you tell more about the KID’S FASHION world in Stockholm, some brands in the kid’s universe you like from there? 

For me, @facade.apt is the most inspiring brand in the Swedish kids fashion landscape at the moment. My friends Ulrika and Petra (that owns the shop Betón Studios), the founders, develop a strong aesthetic with a modern vision; I always love their palette and the cool and oversized style of their collections.

3. You have a longtime collaboration with the French Magazine MILK MAGAZINE, can you explain what you do for them? 

I was editor in chief of the web magazine at MilK before I left Paris for Stockholm in 2014. I’m very happy to keep a tight relationship with the team and to be a regular contributor. I try to propose every season a fashion editorial or an article; MilK is a beautiful magazine to be published in!

4. Can you share with us 3 trends of SS21 you like ? (With a selection of brands from LT)

Creative knits: I’m so keen of all these extravagant knits emerging everywhere this season. I think it’s coming with our need of cosyness and playfulness. Oeuf NYC has always the most beautiful knit pieces for kids.

Happy palette:so many pastels this season to play with and to mix with earthy colors, acid green and bright orange. I always find the most perfect color block pieces at Repose AMS.

Gender free garments: I see more and more unisex pieces and that makes me really happy. Kids should just be kids, and clothing should just be gender free costumes to play in and express their personalities. I think that brands as Repose AMS, Main Story, Bobo Choses are doing such a great job.

5. Finally, what would be your advice for a young brand or someone who wants to start working in kid's fashion ? 

Working with fashion today, kids fashion included, is a challenging thing today for me; my advice would be to always use your creativity to spread strong messages such as sustainability, equality and inclusion.

You can follow Clara Dayet on her Instagram account @alea_toire and on her website