The fair season approaches and we are happy to see some of them coming back offline ! This week, we are more than excited to bring you our interview with Christina Neustrup, Director Copenhagen International Fashion Fair about this year’s edition of CIFF KIDS

1. How are you feeling to come back to a new offline event ?

 It feels magical – we can not wait to open our doors and welcome back new and old acquaintances – Copenhagen have not been the same without you.


2. How are you dealing between online and offline events ? Have you found the balance yet ? 

Online is here to stay and the perfect accent to the physical event. It gives our guests the chance to prepare before the fair and deepdive in to brands of interest after. The Fair should be the inspiration and community event – it is here you meet old partners and make new lasting relations for trade as well as press. CIFF Kids are the perfect marketing and trade platforms – we need the tactility and the conversation in our work.


3. Brands are more than ever very careful on making big investments, how are you making them feel safe to present their collections at the show ? 

Going to a fair is one of the more tangible sales and marketing investments that you can do as a company – you are there, and you control how your brand is presented – and you have the direct dialog with the customer and press. We as a fair do a targeted job with our Global relations team that work year-round to secure the right visitors to the fair – but of course we all have to bring something to the table… we always advice that the brands do their groundwork and book as many appointments as possible in advance – so I am very confident in saying that going to CIFF Kids is a good investment.


4. Press and stylists are an important part of the shows as well, what are you doing for them to not feel left aside in this ? What do you think they need for this "new chapter" ?  

Knowledge and community is the new black – we have an extensive talk and trend program at the show. So other that seeing all the news and inspiration from the brands, Stylist and Press will have the opportunity to obtain all the latest news within digitalization, trend, and sustainability.

5. How do you see the relation between brands and press now that almost everything is digital ? Do you think press will come as usual to the shows or will they rely on online comms ? 

I sincerely hope that the brands will keep up their good relation to the press and vice versa – we will at least do our best to cultivate this. It is so important to get that subjective story and the new angel – not only relying on online comms and press releases. I truly believe that there is still a lust for the unique and personal.


6. What are your expectations for the show ? 

The trend we see is for downsizing (in space) – so the expectation is quality over quantity. The brands will be presenting the coolest and best they have to show. And Oh boy they are longing to have face to face meetings. 


Find out all the informations on their website and on their Instagram account @ciffkids