New week, new inspirational interview! This week, Charlotte Cohen, youth and teen fashion photography, shares with us her career path, what she enjoys most about working with kids, and her best tips to get into kid's photography. Enjoy the reading! 

1. Hello Charlotte, can you briefly present yourself?

Thanks for having me… My name is Charlotte Cohen. I am a photographer working in the inspiring world of kid and teen fashion. I am currently Paris based after many years living in Sydney and London. 

2. Tell us about your background: what attracted you to photography? Did you always want to specialize in kid's fashion?

I have always felt drawn to arts and anything creative - contemporary dance, fashion, and photography. After working for many years in shoot production and art buying in advertising and fashion, I started assisting photographers and studying photography in Sydney. I then moved back to Europe, where I really started shooting, initially with my daughter as my main subject. I feel that I have always looked for a way of expression through creativity, and I found it in photography and more so in shooting kids.

3. What do you enjoy most about working with kids? 

Kids are spontaneous and free; they love to have fun on set, spontaneously make friends and give you a lot. I tend to direct them a little, but the location, the setting, the styling, and the hair convey the story you want to tell, and mostly I get 'the shot' in those in-between moments… This is when the magic happens! 

I get inspired by the ordinary, candid, dreamy, playful moments.

4. Any upcoming projects...? 

You will always find me working on new editorial series. I love the freedom of editorial work, collaborating with stylists, hair and make-up artists, and kids, and featuring all the exceptionally inspiring kid brands out there. In my following editorial, I will explore siblings and their special bond. 

I am also very thrilled to be working on an upcoming shoot for a new French brand launching very soon. I love the collaborative way of working on this project. It is also essential to work with like-minded brands that place the environment and humanity as a priority.

5. Any advice for a young photographer who would like to get into kid's fashion? 

I would say shoot, shoot, shoot - every shoot is a learning opportunity… Find what inspires you, and your own distinctive style will unfold. Stay strong, driven, and never give up!

You can follow Charlotte Cohen on her Instagram account @_charlotte_cohen and on her website here