This week, we are super happy to bring you our inspiring talk with Annah Segarra, Creative Director and Stylist in Kid's Fashion. She shares with us her sources of inspiration, her views on the future of the press and her best advice to get into Kid's Fashion. 

1. Hello Annah! Can you briefly present yourself ?

Hi! I'm AnnaH, (The H is the first letter of my first surname, in Spain we use two!)

I was born and live in Barcelona, I'm a Creative Director and Stylist specialized in Kids Fashion. I also currently work as Fashion Editor for Lemon Magazine, an international fashion magazine for modern parenting.

2. How does inspiration come to you when you have to prepare kids fashion editorials?

My inspiration is everywhere, I don't have just one source.

Usually arts in general: photography, cinema, music, plastic arts, poetry... But feelings is a strong source as well. What I want to transmit depends on the things I'm living, what I’m experiencing and the message that I want to express through the story.

I try to be open to receive information and inspiration from every little thing, sometimes it comes from a place that I wouldn’t have imagined that the starting point arises.

3. What is your opinion about the future of Press? Where do you think readers will go ?

To be honest, I don't know. Everything we hear is thoughts and speculations. What is clear is that things are changing fast and the information is more than ever everywhere and in different formats.

Maybe we have to leave behind some old structures but the most important thing is to be selective about what we want to transmit and where we want to pay attention to.

4. A project/work that you would share with us and was a great experience for you.

It's impossible to choose one. I remember some projects more special than others, each one is knowledge and I've been lucky to share the work with other people, which is really nice too.

There are some reasons why I love my work. The first one is to know people from different countries, share opinions and points of view, have the opportunity to open my mind to other cultures and travel. The other one is to work creating beautiful things, Beauty is not just a superficial word; it's a way to achieve peace and harmony and it is in every little thing around us.

5. If you have any advice for someone who wants to start a brand in the kids’ universe industry, what would it be?

The kid's universe is cool, I never expected to specialize in it, but now I'm really happy.

Sometimes working with kids it's not easy, although you can get some amazing things from them: spontaneity, fresh ideas and laughs.

My advice is about the creative job in general: Sometimes it's not easy, it's like a rollercoaster and you have to be clear and confident about what you are and what you want to convey. You have to work your ideas non-stop, never give up and believe in yourself.

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