This week, we had the pleasure to ask five questions to Ania Onopiuk, a kid's fashion photographer based in Amsterdam, who is also THE photographer of REPOSE AMS campaign pictures! Enjoy the reading! 

1. Hello Ania, can you briefly introduce yourself?

Hi Little-tag, thank you so much for inviting me here. My name is Ania, and I'm a Polish photographer based in Amsterdam, where I live with my family. Despite the number of rainy days and the fact of being convicted on forecast's app - photographer's nightmare - I love it here!

2. Tell us more about your professional background. How did you get into photography?

Well, it looks like photography has been chasing me ever since. I remember my mom taking me outside one sunny day when I was 6 or 7. She told me to stand or sit in certain places for the photos, and I didn't truly understand what this was all about until I saw the prints – it was that moment! I got hit by the fact that you can catch and save what's beautiful and precious to you and show it from your perspective. After many trials and errors, I bought my first fully working camera when I was 22. A Few years later, I graduated from the photography academy in Amsterdam and slowly emerged from the documentary field to fashion.

3. What's your opinion on kids' fashion photography today?

I'm in love with the transition from very posed and styled images to a more playful approach to kid's photography. This turn is probably also defined by the fashion trends of current times, and for me, it was a trigger to step into this world. It's great to see that we are not often looking for the perfect picture but also some authenticity and credibility.

4. Can you tell us your relationship with REPOSE AMS (a brand that we have on Little-tag) is? What do you like the most about the brand?

I have worked with In-Yeo since AW20, and I must say that Repose Ams is my favorite adventure. To me, the brand is much more than just perfect collections that blend unique, timeless styles and beautiful colors. These are also people I met behind it and their approach to creating something exceptional each time. 

5. And if you have any advice for young brands entering the children's universe?

It would be too easy to say: be bold, create your unique style and story, believe in it. But nope! It would be best to cover many aspects while starting your brand, as it's not only to design but also to sell what you have created. To achieve that, you need to be visible, so work hard on your social media, connect with your clients, network with stylists and magazines, and approach press offices. If they like your vision, they will collaborate and bring your brand into focus.

You can follow Ania Onopiuk on her Instagram account @aniaonopiuk and her website here