Hello Maria, can you explain to us briefly who you are and your background?
I’m a Mexican mind who studied fashion design but now I work as a fashion stylist. I live in Brooklyn NY most of the time.

When I was studying in Mexico, I felt very attracted to children’s clothes and my first job was designing collections for a brand. I found out that the first steps of making the clothes - developing the concept, colors, shapes, the whole mood board of the season - was my favorite part. The creative process was my real passion but there was something missing… until I discovered styling. That’s when I felt that it was my thing. Everything had sense.

Why do you work in kids’ fashion? What aspects do you find more interesting with kids?
I really love spending time with mini models. I like their transparency and honesty. I like their sense of fashion. How they simply say that they like or dislike something, and you know it’s real.

The way they put together an outfit and the confidence they have. I always say that the best style is always the one that kids and grandparents have. They don’t care if they match the top and bottom, they let it go, and at the end, it looks on point!

I really enjoy the whole creative part with kids. It’s all about having good synergy!

Can you tell us your opinion on digital media? Do you like to see your editorials online, on Instagram, or still on a paper magazine?
I love the fact that we can find everything digitally and it takes just seconds, but at the same time it can be ephemeral - what’s one day up, the next day it’s forgotten. That’s a shame considering that you put all your guts on something and you want to see it and be proud of it for a long time haha...

Instagram is fun but there’s so much content in there that, again, sometimes you scroll or over scroll and forget the source and it’s almost impossible to find it again. But it’s what connects us almost instantly!

And paper magazines are always exciting. When I was studying fashion, I would mark my favorite editorials with post its. I have Milk Magazines from 6 years ago on my bookshelf and during this quarantine I’ve been looking through them… Oh! I can compare it to looking at printed photo albums from when you were younger. It’s kind of melancholia and good feeling...

Can you also tell us how you continue working during the lockdown?
It’s funny because I wake up full of ideas. From e-photos shoots, facetime calls with photographer friends from all over the world to refreshing my website :D

I have several windows open with pdfs that I’m filling with inspo boards. Now is the time to do it!

I’ve been working with several creative teams. Some in México, NY, Barcelona, and Melbourne.

We are all looking for making the best out of our isolation tie and I feel a really positive vibe from everybody. We are all together feeling connected while we are apart.

Finally, what would be your advice for a young brand or someone wanting to start working in the children’s universe?
Put all your love and energy. Knock doors, send emails, introduce yourself and believe in who you are. Collaborate with people/ magazines/ stores you like and admire. I believe the children’s fashion industry is very honest and supportable. If you do things right and you show your power to others, they give you back.

Gracias !!