Coco Au Lait was founded in 2015 by two friends from different cultures (one from Spain and one from Mexico) who wanted clothes for their children that were special with a perfect fit.

Inspired by the adventures and curiosities of the little ones, the brand offers a new trendy and colourful product with a lot of unusual printing that represents its values and made with the highest quality, designing clothes with character and functionality. 

The SS21 collection, named “Reflections”, is inspired by kid’s minds and how every great thing that ever happened in the world first came up in somebody’s imagination. The tones of blue, pink, yellow and Burgundy are the highlighted colours of the collection, as well as the squared patterns and original shapes that can be seen in their designs. 

The production is based in Perú because of its recognition for its workmanship and quality in textiles, something that Coco Au Lait wants to reflect on their designs. 

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