Repose AMS is an Amsterdam clothing brand for babies and children up to 14 years old.

Born from a quest for senses of timeless repose clothes, its designer, In-Yeo, decided to combine comfort and unique designs. In a minimalist style, Repose AMS features a perfect harmony between colours, shapes and textures, which makes it the brand that children love.

Each of their collections is aimed to tell a story of hope. A hope for the next generation fuelled by love and inspired by In-Yeo’s childhood dream of always creating something beautiful.

The new collection "The Other Side of Paradise" launching this Friday 18th is the perfect illustration of this message of hope for the future generation, mixing timeless pieces and childhood memories. It includes simple shapes in brighter colours such as fuchsia, orange, electric blue and Lila. The prints are plain, floral, striped and even tie and dye. We also find pretty embroidered dresses and colourful hair clips for girls. Everything we need to start this new year in fullness !

Committed to a sustainable approach, Repose AMS aims to be a support for progress in fashion in a more sustainable and responsible way. In order to reduce their carbon footprint, the brand launched “R E L O V E D”, a concept where high quality clothes are used to the maximum and chosen for their durability.

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