Mika and Milo is a cashmere brand with a rich family heritage, specially designed for children.

Made to last, the beautiful, sustainable clothes of Mika and Milo are solely made of natural materials which do not put any further strain on the environment. All the cashmere comes from goats that live in sustainable farms up in the wild plains of inner Mongolia. All the dyes are submitted to the strictest ethical and environmental standards so that they are not only safe for babies to wear close to their skin, but they will not pollute the water supply. 

With its solid eco-friendly commitment and the « buying less, choosing better » motto, Mika and Milo aims to create clothes that will last so they can be passed down from sibling to sibling and then, of course, from generation to generation. 

For FW21/22, we find an always accurate collection of Mika and Milo, with timeless and comfortable cuts and soft colors like pale pink and grey, raised by touches of electric blue and vibrant orange and purple.  

In 2021, Mika and Milo won the Gold Award of Best Children's Knitwear Collection of the Year at the Junior Design Awards. A well-deserved distinction that we toast at Little-tag

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