Established in 2016 in London by two sisters, Kokori is a blossoming girl’s wear brand for 2-to-14-year olds with the ethos of making children happy and feel unique in their own way. The brand’s name comes from an old café of Xanthi’s old town in Greece, a place where the family comes from. 

The SS21 collection is influenced by the simple process of nature, where terracota pots represent the connection of our lives with earth: its simplest transformation has always been a prime need for humans. Kokori’s inspiration has flown by mixing the elements of life, water, earth and the human touch resulting on an evolving connection.  

Within the extraordinary circumstances we are living, the inspiration for this SS21 has ignited the awareness of the main processes in our current cycle on earth, using earthy pastel colours to evoke this idea next to a fresh, joyful and feminine feeling. 

Kokori wants children to have an intuitive bond with their garments, that live long and form dreams that will carry them to their adultness. The production is made with the highest quality fabrics and sophisticated little creative details with the purpose of lasting enduringly in time. The brand has the commitment of manufacturing in a sustainable manner with fair-trade conditions and partnering with like minded people who share their values, especially young female entrepreneurs.

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