"L'élégance, les cheveux dans le vent..." 

Arsène et les pipelettes is a French baby and kids wear brand. Created on the Basque coast in 2005 by Chloé de Bailliencourt, the brand does not hesitate to propose its own version of French chic: simple, comfortable, timeless and free, free from the diktats of fashion; combined with a creative and imaginative fashion inviting us in a poetic and free vision of the world always inspired by its Basque origins. Elegance, commitment, transmission, open-mindedness and authenticity are the values defended by Arsène and the pipelettes. 

This fall-winter, Arsène et les pipelettes presents Belle Époque, a new collection that draws its inspiration from the Basque country at the crossroads of the 19th and 20th centuries. The Belle Époque of Biarritz, a leading destination for European aristocrats and intellectuals, but also of the countryside where Basque women were already mixing stripes and prints with great modernity. A collection that plays with the codes of the time, diverted and reinvented for a Belle Epoque elegance, with hair in the wind of today! 

We find the Arsène et les pipelettes style with prints inspired by nature, a wide range of colors and pieces worked in plunging for a beautiful finish. The cuts are precise and comfortable, with retro accents. The brand also uses high quality materials such as cotton relief veils, jacquard or open-worked knits, worked fleeces... And always playfulness in unexpected touches! 

In 2018, Arsène et les pipelettes begins its eco-responsible transition, with the desire and conviction that changing fashion is everyone's responsibility. Thus in 2021, 62% of its production is made of organic cotton and 1/4 of the production is GOTS certified. All production is done as close as possible, respecting the local know-how of each country. The brand also avoids overproduction and therefore waste by producing as little as possible and packaging is reduced as much as possible to respect this eco-responsible commitment.  

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You can follow the brand in their Instagram account @arseneetlespipelettes or in their website www.arseneetlespipelettes.com